Giving birth makes a lot of women worried about the wideness and the sagginess of the vagina muscles. Giving birth as well as aging and menopause can cause muscles of the vagina to relax and weaken and it really is a fact that makes a lot of women worried.

It is a problem that can be solved with some surgical procedures but rejuvenation of the vagina can also be done naturally.

If you have problem like this, try solving it naturally using one of these methods.


Food that is rich with phytoestrogens will improve the elasticity of vaginal walls and that way tighten the vagina. Some of foods that are rich in phytoestrogen are pomegranate, carrot, soy beans, sesame seeds, and fenugreek. You have to keep in mind that phytoestrogen is present in very small amounts in these plants so try to eat them more and regularly.


This is the most natural and healthiest way to give your vagina the youthful look it had before you gave birth.

Pueraria Mirifica is one of the most beneficial plants. This plant is native in Thailand and it is has wide use in Thai folk medicine as remedy for rejuvenation for both man and women. This plant improves the genital tissues to regenerate faster and that way the vagina will tighten. The plant can also balance the hormones and lower chances of uterus cancer. If you decide to use this plant you need to stick to the instructions because it can also cause side effects as stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

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Curcuma Comosa is another plant originating from Thailand. It is also another estrogenic plant that has natural properties to tighten vaginal muscles and prevents prolapse of vaginal wall. Curcuma comosa can also effectively treat dryness of the vagina. NATURAL WAYS TO TIGHTEN YOUR VAGINA


Yoga is amazing way to strengthen up your whole body. It is discipline that has controlling of the body and mind as general principle. There are various poses in yoga but some of the main poses that will be the most useful to tighten vaginal muscles are bridge and child’s pose.

Kegel exercise

This exercise consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form the part pelvic floor that is referred to as Kegel muscle. The exercise is recommended to strengthen up the vaginal muscle after giving birth and you can do them everywhere without being noticed. If you want to feel benefits of this exercise then you need to do it several times a day for more about 5 minutes and at least for 3 months.


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